I am Jen, and am a wife and mother to two boys, first and foremost. My family is my top priority and ways will be. That being said, quilting is something that I am passionate about and feel so blessed to share my love of quilting with others. My mother is a quilter and I learned so many things from her when I started showing interest as a teenager. She helped me make my first quilt when I was 18, and we made a quilt for my college bed together. I picked the fabric, she did all of the hard work, and my younger sister joined us in hand quilting it. My husband’s family also has a tradition of quilt making and we are blessed to own a quilt made by his great grandmother. Quilting is my heritage and I hope it will also be the heritage of my children and grandchildren, of which they will be proud to take part. That is where my name come from, Heritage Threads. Quilting binds generations together with threads of love.